Colombia - Coctél Tropical

Colombia - Coctél Tropical


Flavor notes: Fruit bomb

Coctel Tropical

In Nariño there are 16-18000 coffee producers and the average size of a coffee farm is only 0,7 hectare. The average production per hectare is around 450 kilos of green coffee which means that a 0,7 hectare farm would generate somewhere between 300-350 kilos of coffee in a year which adds up to 4-5 bags.  

The lots we cupped during our visit to Nariño in August were tasting incredible but we found out that all of them were just too small for us. But then we figured out that we could create our own blend out of the 5 tiny lots and in that way be able to showcase a truly spectacular flavour profile. Coctel Tropical is a blend of the production from 5 small-scale producers in Nariño. 

The 5 producers have small plots of land close to Pasto, La Florida and Yacuanquer in the region of Nariño. They all grow different varieties – Typica, Caturra and Colombia. Their farms are found at altitudes between 1900 and 2000 meters above sea level. This gives a slow ripening that allows the cherries to develop lots of sugar and a complex fruity profile. 

We found the 5 lots to have very similar profiles – packed with notes of passionfruit, pineapple, warm raspberries and green mango. A tropical fruit cocktail to put it simply.   

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