Colombia - El Porvenir, Caturra

Colombia - El Porvenir, Caturra



Flavour notes: Milk Chocolate, Tropical fruits, sweet lingering finish

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Finca El Porvenir 


Farm: Finca el Porvenir

Cultivar: Caturra and Tabi

Producer: Sandra Milena Mora

Origin: Palestina, Huila, CO

Altitude: 1750-1850masl

Process: 38-48 h wet fermentation, dried on raised beds 

The farm El Porvenir is found in the heart av the region Palestina in southern Huila, Colombia. The farm is run by Sandra Milena Mora and her husband. They own 12 hectares but only produce coffee on 5 of them leaving the rest as a natural reserve. On the 5 hectares they have around 20.000 caturra trees and 4000 Tabi trees. 

The coffee is organically grown with no chemical fertilisers or pesticides. Sandra believes in the organic practises and is convinced that both the coffee and the surrounding natural forest and wild life benefit hugely from this. The coffee is picked and sorted by hand. After it's been processed it's fermented for 38-48 hours before being washed carefully. The drying time on the raised beds is around 20 days. We are very excited to offer this beautiful coffee and look forward to many more years.