Finca El Prado - Best of Tarqui competition #3

Finca El Prado - Best of Tarqui competition #3


Flavour: Berry bomb

Colombia - Finca El Prado #3 BEST of TARQUI

Producer: Ferny Cruz and family

Origin: Tarqui, Huila - Colombia


Cultivar: Caturra

Process: Wet fermented, washed and dried on raised beds.


Colombia – Finca el Prado #3 BEST of TARQUI

This astonishing coffee placed 3rdin the Best of Tarqui competition that was held in November 2018. Anne was there and judged the competition and she was blown away by the incredible flavours of berries in this coffee. It tasted like Swedish summer in a cup – beautiful lingering notes of raspberries, cherries and wild strawberries. 

The farm Finca El Prado is found at 1800 meters in the hamlet of Ricabrisa in the northern part of Tarqui. There are no roads leading to it, and to get there you have to ride a mule or walk for an hour and a half through lush rainforest-like vegetation. During my visit we walked up to the 4 hectare farm that is now run by Ferney Cruz but that has been in the family since 1993. Ferney has been in coffee production his whole life. He is a producer that is focusing on details and who is constantly keeping a high quality level and always delivering a clean and juicy cup. 

On the 4 hectars he has 9000 caturra trees. The plot of land stretches up to over 1900 masl on the very steep mointain slopes. After the coffee has been picked by hand it is brough down to the farm where his micro mill is. It is pulped and let to ferment with a little bit of water before it gets washed several times and moved to dry on covered raised beds. 

Ferney Cruz and his wife Yeni Ramos have four children that all help out at the farm, Dayro, Erson, Marlli and Luz Dana.


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